Inspired by the natural contours of the Australian landscape, Contours

brings warmth, texture, and movement to residential and commercial spaces.

Crafted from solid timber in various textured designs, these lining boards create calming atmospheres or

vibrant patterns. Ideal for internal applications, they can be used for flat or curved surfaces.

Designed for easy installation, Contours feature a concealed tongue and groove connection that

ensures a seamless finish.

Impression Veneers is dedicated to sourcing timber from sustainable and environmentally responsible forests,

holding Chain of Custody under internationally recognised and accredited organisations.


Contours are made from durable, solid timber, and are available in a wide range of timber species allowing you to select the perfect timber which best suits your space.

Engineered American Oak

A stunning North American hardwood, known for its hardwearing and versatile properties, this species' warm tone provides an inviting neutral backdrop.

Tasmanian Oak

Tasmanian Oak is a beautiful Australian hardwood and forms the core of Contour's range. This Select grade timber is also versatile, featuring minimal marks and natural characteristics, resulting in a clean and strong finish.

Clear Pine

A light softwood that is typically a cream to light-straw in colour, ideal for painting, staining, waxing and colour washing. This knot-free product is significantly easier to work with compared to knotty pine.

Pre Primed Pine

Ready to paint, this product is pre-coated with two coats of a specially developed water-based primer in a matte white finish. It is manufactured from finger-jointed Clear Pine which provides enhanced strength and stability.

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Select Grade Lining Board Range

SPECIES Tasmanian Oak | TIMBER GRADE Select | SIZE 91x21mm | COVER 78mm | LENGTH 0.9m, 1.2m, 1.8m, 2.4m & 2.7m

Some lengths are made to order.

Contours are also available in Pre Primed FJ Pine, Engineered American Oak, and Clear Pine.

Profile: Riverine

Profile: Cirque

Profile: Shade

Profile: Valley

Profile: Crest

Profile: Ripple

Profile: Groove

Profile: Wave

Profile: Pinnacle

Profile: Strata

Profile: Ridges