An exciting new type of product from Impression Veneers, the Innato range are natural real wood veneers in a range of species. Features and advantages include:

  • Made of real natural timber veneer (not plastic, not vinyl!), pressed onto a laminate backer.
  • Includes Australian species - NSW Blackbutt ("Innato Urunga Blackbutt"), Spotted Gum ("Innato Nymboida Gum"), Jarrah ("Innato Bunbury Jarrah"), Mountain Ash ("Innato Snowy Ash")
  • Enhanced natural wood texture - wire brushed grain
  • Finished with a highly durable coating - resilient, low-gloss UV-cured factory applied clear finish
  • Wear, scratch + stain resistant
  • Shortened manufacturing lead times because does not require finishing (except for Innato Etched Raw Oak, which is not prefinished but has a raw surface)
  • Economical + easy to use
  • Matching types include slip-, book or random-mismatched depending on the individual product
  • Sheet sizes are 2440mm x 1220mm or 2740mm x 1220mm , and thicknesses 0.7mm or 1mm depending on laminate type (refer to list below)
  • Gloss levels are approximately 10%, except for the Innato Etched Raw Oak which is unfinished.
  • Some of the Innato range are colour enhanced by chalking, smoke darkening, stains and washes. Textures vary from deeply wire brushed to natural open pores.


  • Interior, dry, low-medium wear applications only
  • Vertical applications such as wall panelling, interior doors, furniture, kitchen/bathroom vanity doors.
  • Dry horizontal applications such as ceilings panels, low-wear desks, tables and counter tops.
  • Not suited to high wear areas such as floors, stair treads or kitchen counter-tops
  • Not suited to wet areas such as vanity tops nor exterior application such as external doors, exterior cladding and walls
  • Should not be used in areas exposed to temperatures above 60 degrees C, nor in steamy places.
  • Like natural veneer, Innato is not suited for areas with prolonged exposure to direct sunlight
  • Not suitable for post-forming

Innato Boston
Crown Oak

Innato Etched Raw Oak

Innato Etched Teak

Innato Ohio Rift Oak

Innato Powdered Oak

Innato Snowy Ash

Innato Spotted Gum

Innato Urunga Blackbutt

Innato Virginia Walnut

Innato Bunbury Jarrah