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Impression Veneers would like to introduce PoliLam. PoliLam offers a range of HPL laminates. Using today's design technology enables us to reproduce the beauty that nature offers without physically removing it from the Earth. Using this technology, we can replicate the color and design of Earth's most precious trees and stones. Decorative laminate is regarded as the most environmentally-friendly countertop surface. Using this technology, we can replicate the color and design of Earth's most precious trees, stones, and natural marvels. Our press plates can mimic the texture of woodgrains and marbles and bring the most authentic and natural look and feel to our laminate. Our collection is both informed by and reflected in our exploration of space. We separate our categories into our Ace Surfaces™, woodgrains, patterns both natural and man-made, solid colors, and our LAVA Board collection in order to bring simplicity and ease to our clients. Design driven products, doing more with laminates, because we should love the spaces that surround us. 

                                                                   Color. Texture. Culture.

PoliLam's Latest Trade Show. Launching our new digital HPL PoliArt.

Introducing PoliLam's Premium HPL Ace Supreme


Technical Data

                       PoliLam Digital Catalogue

Green Guard Gold Certificate

Green Guard Certificate

Singapore Green Label

USA ASTM E84-20 Fire Certificate

Canada CAN/ULC S102-18 Fire Certificate


           Every design requires the perfect finish to bring our laminates to life. Our press plate textures are                                     carefully selected to match every design to create a well crafted surface solution.

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